About the Author

In short, the sites purpose is to share my knowledge, thoughts and way of life with the whole world. More specifically with the people who care.

But this is only half of the truth. There is a major side effect to writting ones thoughts down, clarity of mind. Each thought combiled into a well written sentence can become a step for ons future growth. To accelerate my personal growth, and plant sprouts of interrest in readers shall be the goal, and the website the tool to reach it.

About the site

There are two types of engineers, the ones with a live long calling, and the ones without. I am of the first type, I do not learn things for work to generate an income. I learn because something is interesting. To my unmeasureable regret, I have to learn boring things, for work. Sometimes one has to bear unpleasant things in life.

My way, started in a tiny, unremarkable, boring village in south Germany. After a mighty struggle with the school system, and 25 years later, I finshed my basic education as a Master of Science in Embedded Systems. To reduce the distance to my first job, I took shelter in Pforzheim, which is the town I went to college, too. Pforzheim is still my place of residence to this day.