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§2.1 Content

The site’s content is created with utmost care. However, we can not gurantee the correctness, completness and currency of the content on this site. As a content provider we are responsible for the content as stated in the common laws (§7 par.1 TMG). As a content provider we are not obliged to scan or monitor for unlawful acts in conveyed or saved alien information, after §§ 8 to 10 TMG. Of this unaffected are obligations to delete or restirct access to information defined in the common laws. Yet, a liability is only possible after a concrete rights violation is brought to notice. After a violation is brought to notice the content is immediatly removed.[2]

Our site contains links to external web resources, which we can not influence in any way. Because of this we can not take responsibility for the alien content. The responsibility of the of the linked resoruces lies always with the content supplier or provider. The resources were checked for possible law violations, on the time the resource was linked. On the time of linking law violation content could not be detected. A continuous content check of the linked resources, without concrete hints, is not reasonable. When a violation becomes known the link in question will be immediatly removed.[2]

The contents created by the maintainer of the site are subject to the German copyrights regulations. Copying, editing, publishing and any other exploitation out of the bounds of the copyright are in need of a written approval of the author/creator. Copying and downloading of the content, published on this site, is only allowed for the private non-commercial use. For content not created by the site owner the copyrights of the third-party will respected. Especially content from third-parties will be marked as such. Please notfiy us, should you notice a copyright violation despite the measures taken. When a copyright violation becomes known the content in question will be immediatly removed.[2]

§2.4 Privacy

The use of our website is commonly possible without stating private data. If we gather private data on our website (e.g name, address or email), then this will be done on a voluntary basis. The collected data will not be given to a third-party, without your explicit consent. We make you aware of, that the data transfer in the internet can have security vulnerabilities. So it is not possible to complete guard against data leaks. To use the contact information, published in here, for sending advertisment and information material, which was not explicitly requested, shall herby disallowed. The site maintainer may take leagal measures against unwanted advertisment, over all channels possible (e.g spam-mails).[2]